Businesses across a range of industries increasingly face stringent government regulation and aggressive enforcement. In this ever more complicated regulatory environment, companies and their employees must be vigilant to act in accordance with regulations and respond quickly and appropriately to correct oversights.

Our professionals understand these complex environments and work with clients to identify and mitigate the risks of potential enforcement actions, heading off compliance problems whenever possible. Our professionals have specific expertise in a number of areas in which they help clients meet regulatory and compliance obligations including corporate law compliances, FEMA & Foreign Direct Investment law compliances, securities law compliances, industrial and labour laws compliances, tax law compliances, economic law compliances etc. We offer services, to clients, in the following areas:

  • Corporate compliance management services;
  • Regulatory, advisory & liaison services relating to corporate laws, foreign direct investments, industrial & labour laws, and general commercial laws;
  • Listing/de-listing, stock exchanges compliances;
  • Corporate secretarial services;
  • Book keeping & payroll services;
  • Tax compliance services.